• It is time again for the Eagles to hit the fields and courts for the 2018 - 2019 school year. Here are some things you will need to tryout for sports at Woodlawn...

    1) A physical examination. Forms can be downloaded from the list below or obtained from the front office or the gym. South Court Medical Care on E. Elm St., Graham, 336-228-9671, is offering Physicals for $25. You can walk in, but I suggest you call first for an appointment.

    2)The Student/Parent concussion form must be initialed by the student and one parent in the appropriate spots on the form after both read the concussion material.

    3) 6th graders are automatically eligible for Fall sports, 7th and 8th graders will be required to pass all 4 core classes and one elective classes during the previous semester.  Example: A 8th grade student wanting to play football or softball in the fall and basketball in the winter, would have to have passed all 4 core classes(math, science, LA and social studies) and 1 elective(PE, Art, Band, etc.) during the spring semester the year before trying out.

    6th, 7th and 8th grade students wanting to go out for a spring sport, will have to meet these academic requirements during the fall semester to be eligible.

    Also, students must attend school 85% of the previous semester. What that means is they can not miss more than 13.5 days a semester. All forms needed are below.


    Return to Play- If your student/athlete gets hurt and requires medical attention from a doctor, the coach will require them to have the doctor specifically fill out this form before they are allowed to return to play, with no exceptions. 

    Concussions- By state law the Gfeller-Waller concussion protocol will be followed and paperwork needs to be filled out and returned in detail.


    Important Forms


    Parent/Student Concussion Form

    Middle School Athletic Participation Form

    Middle School Athletic Code of Conduct

    Physical Exam Form

    Concussion Return to Play

     Medical Clearance Form