Girls' and Boys' Coding Club

  • Our Coding Club is separated into two different clubs. We have a Girls' Coding Club and a Boys' Coding Club. Our club was created in January 2017. 

    We have accomplished many great things! 

    * March 2017:  Girls presented at NCTIES, our state ISTE conference.

    * May 2017:  Boys presented at a county Maker's Faire

    * March 2018:  Both girls and boys presented at NCTIES.

    * June 2018: Club leaders presented at Participate Global Symposium 

    * June 2018:  Both boys and girls presented at ISTE Chicago!

    * September 2018: Both boys and girls presented at Elon University 

    Our coders have gone global! In April 2018, students were able to work with the Rochester School in Colombia to teach 6th graders the basics of coding. Not only will we continue this relationship in the 2018-19 school year, but we are seeking new school partnerships in South Africa, Europe and China!

    Goals for the 2018:

    • Globally connect to other schools in Colombia, South Africa, Europe, and China

    • Participate in a robotics competition

    • Participate in NCTIES

    • Participate in ISTE

    • To teach other teachers and students coding and robotics



    Girls Who Code