• Summer Assignments for school year 2019-2020.  

    *Please note that as assignments come in and are posted, each will have a date as to when it was updated.  


    IB Environmental Systems and Societies: 

    • This summer, you should read Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson.  Be prepared to write an essay on the book during the 4th day of class.
    • Also, spend time reading your textbooks.  I know you got one of them late and it will help you to read it before returning to class.  Several chapters of the actual Course Companion were assigned during the spring semester.  During the summer, You should read Chapters 7-13 this summer.
    • Read the Skills and Practice book and familiarize yourself with it.  The more time you spend understanding how your assessments will be scored, the more prepared you will be next year.  Pay special attention to the section on external assessments.  I recommend using the two books together. 
      Updated 6/3/19 (Final)


    IB Biology HL 2


    IB Math Studies Students For 2019-20


    Attention IB Math Studies Students for 2019-20
    If you were registered for IB Math Studies as of June 12, 2019 you have been invited to join our google classroom.  Please accept this invitation as your summer assignments will be posted there.  If you did not receive an invitation or joined the class after June 12th, email Mrs. Wall at denise_wall@abss.k12.nc.us and she will add you to the class.  Have a great summer! 


    AP Euro

    Click HERE for the AP Euro Assignment. (Updated 6/3/19, final)


    AP English IV

    Click HERE for AP English IV Summer Assignments  (Updated 6/4/19, final)


    AP English III

    Click Here for the AP English III Summer assignment (Updated 6/4/19, final) 


    AP World

    Click HERE for the AP World Summer Assignment (Updated 6/25/19, final) 


    ALL LEVELS Honors English

    • Click ENGLISH SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT and Statement of Academic Integrity
    • REQUIRED for all honors classes and extra credit for regular (CP) level English Courses (Updated 6/7/19, final) 
    • For the Statement of Academic Integrity (required with all Summer Reading Assignments 9-12), Click HERE 
    • For Parent Tips on Summer Reading, click HERE.
    • CHOOSING A BOOK:  Below are possible titles for you to choose from. Don’t forget to see the different genre choices on your Summer Assignment.  Honors Students are strongly encouraged to use the College Board 100 Books for the College-Bound
    • Some of these are contemporary titles, so some may deal with subject matter that is mature.  Before selecting a title for approval, take time to do some background research – the web is full of reviews and descriptions that can help you decide if the book is appropriate for you.  Also, there are warnings about possible offensive language or subject matter that might help in your decision. Discuss your choice with your parents if you are concerned about subject matter.
    • Some helpful Reading Lists 
    • Award-winning Books
      • YALSA Database:  Search for award-winning books here.