2019 - 2020 Emojis' Team Supply List

  • Supplies for all team classes📋

    • loose-leaf paper
    • pencils 
    • a sturdy plastic 2 pocket folder (no prongs folder is best)
    • colored pencils (not markers)
    • a pencil pouch (NOT a pencil box)
    • highlighters
    • glue sticks (replenish through the year)
    • (optional) a personal pencil sharpener, no electric/battery
    • 1 black permanent marker (like a Sharpie®)
    • facial tissue, one or more boxes
    • pens for checking work (blue or red, no black)


    For Language Arts📚


    • a 1 ½  inch binder
    • page protectors


    For Math📐


    • One 3-subject spiral notebooks [at least 11 x 8.5 sized pages]  (Mead 5 Star® or similar with larger pages than a regular spiral notebook)
    • Expo Dry Erase Markers (Chisel Tip, Black, 2 Pack)
    • Composition notebook with graphing paper
    • (recommended) a scientific calculator such as TI 34 Multiview or TI 30 XIIS calculator
      We have a limited number of calculators at school, so when students have their own they use it daily in class & for homework. They can use their calculator on benchmark and EOG tests.


    For Science/Social Studies🔭🌎


    • a 2-inch binder
    • a set of subject dividers
    • inexpensive pair of earbuds


    ****  NO Trapper Keepers or accordion folders, please ****


    When selecting spiral notebooks, we recommend those that have larger pages than traditional spiral notebooks. You are looking for 11 x 8.5 or 11 x 9 sized pages.  Having a larger page means a whole piece of copy paper can be placed on the page without having to trim or fold the paper 

    Educational Wish List - Thanks in advance for any & all


    Extra boxes of tissues, Band-aids, pencils (for PBIS incentive program), white or colored cardstock, glue sticks, hand sanitizer, paper towels, Ziploc-type bags (various sizes), scissors, staplers, gift cards to Hobby Lobby or Michaels  for purchase of class art project items




    Please be sure to view the supply list that students will need for the encore classes. It is in a separate file on our school website.