• Reminders

    August 30th

    Good evening parents, this is Elizabeth Stamper, principal at South Graham Elementary.  I want to say thank you to all the parents and staff members for continuing to work extremely hard to create success for our students.  I want to remind all parents to fill out the free/reduced lunch application online.  It is on our school website, district website and in your students' google classroom.  We also have paper copies available.  Tomorrow is the last day for universal free lunch.  Locations to pick up lunches after tomorrow will be sent out by the district.  I want to remind parents and family members that if your student is unmuted in the Zoom classroom, everyone can hear any background noise and conversations.  We have had some instances of inappropriate language being overheard in the background.  Thanks for your help with this.  We also want to ask that students have their cameras on when the teacher requests it.  It is important to be able to see the students and engage with them in a way that isn't able when the camera is off.  Have a great evening and call the school if you have any questions.

    National School Lunch Program Information

    August 24th

    Good evening parents, this is Elizabeth Stamper, principal at South Graham Elementary.  I want to thank all of our parents for all of their hard work this past week.  Our students wouldn't have been as successful if their parents had not worked so hard.  The school will call when hotspots are available.  The district has ordered another 1000 hotspots.  If you didn't fill out the survey and need a hotspot, please call the school and we will put you on a waiting list.  We are asking that students please turn their cameras on during live Zoom meetings.  The reason for this is so that we can ensure the engagement of the students.  We would appreciate your help with this.  Please call the school with any questions and we will do the very best that we can to support your family.  Have a good evening and we look forward to seeing everyone online.

    August 2

    Good evening parents, this is Elizabeth Stamper, principal at South Graham Elementary.  I want to remind everyone to go online and fill out returning student information.  This is done through Powerschools.  All returning students have to have this completed as soon as possible.  If you have questions or need assistance, please call our data manager, Ashley Pawson, at the school.  I have also included two surveys that all parents need to fill out.  The first survey is for transportation and the need of device or hot spot.  The second survey concerns when your student will be able to receive direct instruction from their teacher.  We need both surveys filled out so that we can plan accordingly.  We are currently completing kindergarten screeners for our new kindergarten students.  Please call for an appointment if you haven't done so. Have a good evening and please call the school with any questions. 

    Survey: When will your child participate in virtual learning?

    Survey: Do you need to borrow a device or get a hotspot for at home learning?