8th Grade Science Homework and Vocabulary for 2021/2022


    Chemistry- Week 1 (9/13-9/17)

          -Homework:  Week 1 Chemistry Worksheet

          -Vocabulary:  Chemistry, Synthetic*, Matter, Atom, Molecule*, Periodic Table


    Chemistry- Week 2 (9/20-9/24)

           -Homework: Atoms Family Math, Periodic Table Practice

           -Vocabulary: Malleable*, Ductile*, Conductivity, Reactivity, Corrosion, Period, Group


    Chemistry- Week 3 (9/27-10/1)

           -Homework: Week 3 Chemistry Worksheet

           -Vocabulary:  Mixture, Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Solution, Solvent*, Solute*, Solubility


    Chemistry- Week 4 (10/4-10/8)

           -Homework:  Week 4 Chemistry Worksheet (Physical and Chemical Changes)

           -Vocabulary:  Ionic Bond, Covalent Bond, Physical Change, Chemical Change, Density*, Specific Heat*


    Chemistry- Week 5 (10/11-10/15)

           -Homework: Week 5 Chemistry Worksheet

           -Vocabulary:  Reactant, Product, Precipitate, Concentration, Catalyst, Inhibitor, Exothermic*, Endothermic*


    Chemistry- Week 6 (10/18-10/22)

            -Homework:  Density Practice Problems Worksheet

            -Vocabulary: Acid, Base, pH Scale*, Indicator, Corrosive*, Neutralization, Salt





    Energy- Week 1 (8/30-9/3)

      -Homework: Energy Forms and Changes

      -Vocabulary: Energy, Renewable, Nonrenewable, Alternative Energy, Conservation*, Depletion*


    Energy- Week 2 (9/6-9/10)

      -Homework: Week 2 Energy Worksheet

      -Vocabulary: Electrical Energy, Chemical Energy, Generator, Transformer, Potential Energy*, Kinetic Energy*





    1st Week of School (8/23-8/27)

      -Homework: Get Safety Agreement and Parent Letter Signed, Scientific Method Article and Questions

      -Vocabulary: Science, Scientific Theory*, Scientific Law*, Scientific Literacy, Hypothesis