• PART 1:

     Fair Division

    What is fair division?  How does it apply to YOUR daily life.  (Do not just answer from the video examples, I want examples from YOUR life.) 

     PART 2: 

    Divider-Chooser Method

    What is the Divider-Chooser method?  What are three applications to real life? 

    PART 3:  

    The Lone Divider Method

    What is the Lone Divider method?  Compare it to the Divider-Chooser method?  Give three applications to real life. 

    PART 4: 

    The last Diminisher Method

    What is the last diminisher method?  Compare it to both Divider-Chooser method and Lone Divider method.  Give three examples of how this is used in real life. 

    Part 5:  

    The Sealed Bid Method

    What is the sealed bid method?  Compare it to both the Divider-Chooser method and the Lone Divider Method and the Last Diminisher Method.  How could/would this be used in real life? 

    Part 6:  

    How to split a cake fairly?

    How should you split a cake fairly? 

    In YOUR GROUPS, mathematically split a hypothetical cake fairly.  Prove your work.