• Do you want to know more about our system-wide Global Goals? As a specialized program, our administration regularly meets with the other Global Schools principals and our district director to determine next steps and ensure progress. Our Global School Goals are two-fold to include expectations for our entire school and for our Dual Language Program cohort. If you have any questions about these goals or our progress towards these goals please email: Ashley_Westmoreland@abss.k12.nc.us. These goals are reviewed quarterly and adjusted to best meet the needs of our learners in an aim to provide a specialized program that motivates and enriches our total student experience.

    Global/Dual Language Schools

    Programmatic Goals

    Global Schools

    • Content: In all classrooms, Global Competencies are integrated with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study as appropriate.
    • School Culture: In the Global Schools, district-wide regions of study are evident in classrooms and throughout the school building.
    • Professional Development: In the Global Schools, there will be evidence of direct professional development experiences related to the six components of a global school. 
      • An intentionally global school culture
      • Experiential professional learning
      • Globally integrated curriculum
      • Collaborative leadership
      • Student-centered instruction
      • Connections to larger learning communities
    • Overall Implementation: All global schools will receive a rating of Strong or Higher on the annual Global Schools Status Report completed by Participate. 


    Dual Language

    • Overall Implementation:The Dual Language Program in all the schools will be rated strong or higher on the End of Year Status Report completed by Participate.
      • Measures will be as follows:
        • Language Allocation Model
        • Percentage Use of Target Language
        • Separation of Languages
        • Literacy Block in Target Language
        • Use of Dual Language Curriculum Map
        • Use of Appropriate Dual Language Materials
        • Teachers Planning & Collaboration
        • Teachers’ Use of Target Language
        • Students’ Use of Target Language
        • Assessments
        • Staff Quality & Professional Development
        • Stakeholder Involvement
    • Spanish Acquisition: By the end of grade 5, 90% of the students who have been enrolled in Dual Language Classes from 1st through 5th grade will score at the intermediate low level or higher in the four domains (interpersonal listening and speaking, presentational writing, interpretive reading, interpretive listening) on the AAPPL Assessment.
    • Academic Goals
      • The academic goals for the Global Schools/Dual Language Programs are directly linked to individual school improvement goals.
      • The Dual Language Cohort will demonstrate proficiency in proportion or higher to their grade level peers.