• Blocks 2 and 4 - American 1

    Watch the video: Secrets of the Dead: Jamestown's Dark Winter

    Video link options: Jamestown's Dark Winter  or Jamestown's Dark Winter (option 2)  or Jamestown's Dark Winter (Option 3)

    • While watching the video, Complete the handout - it has 2 sides. (it is very open ended, but still required to be done)

    • When the video is over, You have 10 minutes to complete your drawing/illustration.  You can use the colored pencils on your desks to bring their drawings to life.  Put your name on the handout and turn it in. 

    • Take out your American Anthem books and read pp 46-48 (The section on Jamestown). 

    • As you read, consider how is the story in their textbook different or similar to the one portrayed in the film? Make a Venn Diagram to share at least three differences/similarities. 

    • This should be completed for homework and will be checked on Monday October 7. 

    • The textbook is available in Google Classroom, and the reading is in Chapter 2.

    • If you complete the above activities, take a test correction form.  You have 1 week to complete the form and return it to me.  If you do so, I will amend your Unit 1 test score to an 80.


    Block 3 - AP Euro

    Watch the video on SAQ Writing: AP World History SAQ  -- Stop the video when he gets to the assignment he gives his class...

    Your assignment:

    • Find a partner.  You will each write FOUR out of Five SAQs.  (Set timer for 40 minutes). 

    • Once the timer goes off, switch papers with your partner and "grade" your partner's work. 

      • Use colored pencil, marker, highlighter, and find the A, C, and E for each response. 

      • Did your partner hit all the points? Did they use SPECIFIC pieces of evidence?   

      • CIRCLE THE EVIDENCE  (not generalizations, no STUFF or THINGS...)

      • Did they connect back to the prompt? How does this evidence prove the point?  Be critical. 

    • Once you get your paper back, rewrite your SAQ's to correct your answers to make them better.  What did you have to add? What did you need to change/delete? Why?

    • With time remaining, use the GREEN Sherman source book on the shelf...Read pgs 175-176, introduction on the Reformation.

    • Create a T-Chart. 

      List reasons on one-side why people might have supported Protestantism during the 16th Century, and on the other, reasons why people would support the Catholic Church. 

      Use the remaining sources from this chapter to find your responses.

      Return the Sherman book to the shelf, neatly, at the end of class.