Classwork for Ms. Hubbard's 8th Grade Social Studies Class

  • If you are missing assignments, copies of them can all be found on google classroom. I sent all of you a request to join my classroom at the beginning of the year. This will be in your emails from me, Ms. Hubbard. To access google classroom (student), you need to login to your Turrentine Gmail Account. Once there, you will click on the square group of dots that is in the top right corner called "Google Apps." From there, you will select "classroom" which will have a picture of a chalkboard as the icon. When you get to the link you will see an option for my class that will be titled in the name of your block (So if you have me during block three, it will show as such). From there, you will see a section titled stream. This will show where I have posted assignments and notes or messages. If you are looking for work specifically, you will need to select the tab titled "classwork." You will find a list of all of the assignments graded and copies of the work. Everything that I have graded will be on my Google Classroom EXCEPT Tests. If you were absent for a test or did not hand that in you need to see me so we can arrange for you to take the test. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.