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    Class Newsletter

    November 2019


    Math- In Math we will review multiplication strategies and introduce division strategies. We will work on repeated subtraction, equal groups, arrays, and number lines. Math groups will focus on word problem strategies.


    Reading- In Reading, we will finish up the unit on fables, folktales, and myths. We are learning how to retell these stories and how to determine the central message. The next reading unit will focus on determining the main idea of informational text.


    Science- In Science, we are finishing the unit on landforms and bodies of water, the next unit will be about force and motion.


    Notes from Ms. Guy- 

    • Monday Nov. 11 is a holiday.
    • On Tuesday Nov. 12, we will have a Read to Achieve Parent Meeting in the media center at 5:00pm. Third grade teachers will talk about this state legislation and what it means for your child.
    • Nov. 27-29 will be a Thanksgiving holiday.