• Welcome to Ms. Parrish's 6th grade science class

     Welcome to Ms. Parrish’s 6th grade

    Science Website!🐬


    Room: 221

    Email: Ms. Parrish's email

    Office Hours: 4-5pm

    • Material Access: Most course materials and assignments will be in Canvas, although the hands on activities and labs will on paper and in the classroom. ***A lab safety contract must be signed by guardian and student to participate*)
    • Organizational Method: Each standard is a unit with a variety of activities, as well as standard specific vocabulary. Each unit will include a project and at least one lab.
    • Expectations:  
      All students commit to do their work with Punctuality, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence. They should bring their chromebooks fully charge with them everyday. Also ALL students must wear a mask at all times except when eating. 


    This is my 2nd year teaching at Broadview. I love teaching 6th grade science! 6th grade is a pivotal year as they transition from Elementary school and even more so this year in the transition from remote learning. It has been a different and challenging school year but I am committed to the success of your child. My goal is to provide effective and engaging lessons that make real world connections while aligning to the NC State Standards. 

    Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions or concerns. 

    I am part of the Mountain Team that includes:

    -Mrs. Kirkham (Math) 

    -Ms. Evans (ELA) 

    -Ms. Parrish (Science)

    -Mr. Beirne (Social Studies)