Think like a Scientist


  • Here is all you need to know to be a successful Science student in Mrs. Geise's class:

    • Attend class every day. Bring your I CAN attitude! 
    • Arrive on time and prepared for class. You'll need your charged Chrome Book and your current LearnEd Notebook each day!
    • Be present and in the moment, not only physically, but be engaged and focused on what we are doing in class. Our class is fast-paced and every single minute counts!
    • Keep your LearnEd Science Notebooks up to date and use it as a tool to record your best thinking and note-taking. Use it as a place to reflect or ask questions. Doodle (Science topics) to your heart's content!
    • Communicate with me! Email or check in with me (before school, after school, during lunch) if you are having issues with any of the content, or other factors in your life. I am here for you! If you are falling behind, it is your responsibility to catch up. I am happy to meet with you in person, or set up a zoom conference. Just let me know!
    • If you are absent, be sure to check with me, your To Do List in Canvas, and a classmate for any work missed. Labs are difficult to make up so it's important to stay healthy and in school!
    • Use the online resources provided for you. Re-watch the videos posted on my website. Use the LearnEd Notebook slides that are now available for EACH unit. 
    • Most importantly ask yourself, "Why am I here?" Your future starts today and your education is the key to success. What do you envision yourself doing after high school? Set goals and create a plan to achieve those goals. I am here to help you on your journey.