• Be a Part of the Science Fair! 

    Turrentine Middle School now offers a Science Fair! Interested students can obtain a packet, in early September, that outlines specific parameters and guidelines for creating a research project and displaying data. Students may opt to work with their teachers and/or at home during the experiment and research phase, which lasts several weeks. They may work in a solitary manner or in groups of 2-3 students.

    The Science Fair is held at school in the fall, sometime between late October to early November, and highest scoring projects will be promoted to the ABSS Fair, which occurs in early December. Second, First, and Grand prize winners from the ABSS Fair will be promoted to compete at the Regional Science Fair. Winners at Regional are promoted to the state competition level. 

    It is important to note that projects should be research-based. Projects start with a question and a hypothesis. This leads to experimentation and research. Results are calculated and data is displayed. There is a written component and displays must follow guidelines and be visually appealing, creative, and unique. Projects should NOT be a demonstration but rather should answer a question, using the Scientific Method as a guide. 

  • What exactly is SCIENCE OLYMPIAD? 

    Science Olympiad is a national competition that connects students to a variety of science disciplines, while promoting teamwork, flexibility, problem-solving and FUN! It begins early each school year with formation of teams. Once established, teams meet and practice at school and at home, to prepare for the regional level of competition in late winter. There are 23 events in the competition and we try to match students to their areas of expertise and interest. Students can compete in one, two, or even three events, if scheduling allows. The events include STUDY EVENTS such as Anatomy & Physiology, Reach for the Stars, Fossils, and more; ENGINEERING EVENTS such as Mousetrap Vehicle, Ping Pong Parachute, and Elastic Launched Gliders, and PROBLEM-SOLVING EVENTS such as Crime Busters and Disease Detectives. There is something for everyone in Science Olympiad!

    The day of the competition the team travels by bus to UNCG and spends the entire day competing in their events and supporting each other. It is an exciting day and the atmosphere is electric! We compete with public and private schools from all over the area including ABSS, Guilford, Caswell, Orange, and Chapel Hill-Carrboro! After the awards ceremony, we return to school just in time to see the sun set; exhausted yet exhilarated! We debrief with each other about what went well and what needs to be improved for next year. That's what science is all about and it's an experience you will treasure for years to come.


    Early September-Student-Parent Interest Meeting, applications distributed

    Late September-Events are announced and listed on https://www.sciencenc.com/ website/team selected

    Early October-Coach attends workshop

    January-Event Schedule is published for each tournament site (final adjustments to individual events) 


    Informational Video