Directions for accessing online resources!



    Download and open the FREE Clever App or go to clever.com

    Scan the clever badge 


    If the badge is lost or does not work with your device, click “Log in with Google”

    and enter your child’s ABSS username and password 


    Username____________@students.abss.k12.nc.us    Password ________

    • Use the apps provided  as directed by the teacher
    • Below are the apps we use most often 


           imagine math

    Imagine Math: self-paced and adaptive math activities to support

    your child where they struggle and challenge them when needed.


    Imagine Literacy  

    Imagine Language and Literacy: Students are guided through books,

    vocabulary, grammar, and spelling activities on their learning level.



    IXL: This program has activities in math, literacy, and science on many grade levels.

    Please refer to the teacher's directions for which activities to complete, or go to the

    'Recommendations' page to practice skills you need.



    Other Apps


    • Download the FREE Epic! Reading app or go to https://www.getepic.com/students 
    • Enter the class code: (will be sent on ClassDojo)
    • Find your name and read your books. Don’t forget to check your assignments! 


    Go to https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login

    Enter the code: (will be sent on ClassDojo)

    Find your name and click on the  fish or the car. 

     fish    or car