Scratch Lessons

  • Welcome to my Scratch lessons site. 


    I will be posting lessons daily on creating different games and projects using Scratch. All 3-5th graders already have Scratch accounts. Students will access Scratch through my Clever page (purple Kangaroo) and click on Scratch. The username is their username for signing into the computers, and password is their password for everything. Don't forget, students, that you MUST sign in every time to Scratch. If you forget to sign out, then you have what I call a "ghost sign in" and you won't be able to save your work. Also, don't forget to save at the end of each session. Click on file, and then save now. 


    To learn how to code these games and projects, click on the title on the tool bar to the left of your screen. Happy coding!


    Star Hunter Game: 


    The purpose of this game is to collect as many starts as possible without being touched by an octopus. 


    Dino Dance Party:


    In this project, you will code dinosaurs to dance, add music, and make your stage shine. 


    Race Car Game:


    You will be creating a two person game where you race one another around a track. 


    Pico Game:


    You will be creating a platform game where Pico has to jump to different platforms without falling into the fire pit.