• Happy Friday!!!
    I hope everyone is hanging in there and staying healthy!
    I have a fun way that you can get moving this Friday. Here is a cool dance that one of my dance teacher friends shared with me!
    It is a fun "Corona Virus Inspired" dance warm up.

    Please share it with me when you try it out! You can take a video or just send me a message letting me know what you thought!
    I am going to do it in my living room right now because I am READY TO MOVE!
    (Maybe my dog, Zeus will be willing to dance it out with me!)



    Here is a short dance warm up that you guys can try with your family at home!
    I hope this gives you a creative BRAIN BREAK from all of your hard work this week.

    I miss all of you SO MUCH!




    Happy Monday everyone!
    Here are the flipgrid links for everyone. This is where you will find your assignments each week.
    I posted week 3 today. If you have not finished up week 1 and week 2, those assignments are on there as well. Feel free to message me you have any questions!
    Have great week!


    Kinder: https://flipgrid.com/gantosk

    First: https://flipgrid.com/gantos1

    Second: https://flipgrid.com/gantos2

    Third: https://flipgrid.com/gantos3

    Fourth: https://flipgrid.com/gantos4

    Fifth: https://flipgrid.com/gantos5

    PASSWORD FOR ALL: movement2020