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Distance Learning Information

  • Here are 5 tips to help you be successful during this time of Distance Learning!

    1) Create a schedule AND STICK TO IT!
     Get up, get ready, and get to work! Just because you don’t have anywhere to go doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to do. You’ll be better off if you stick to routines as similar to your normal ones during this time, like waking up, showering, and getting dressed at about the time you would for actually going to school!


    2) Designate a space for studying!
    Find a space where you live and make it your school at home. Your bed is for sleeping, not working. Find a space at a table or on the floor where you can get your work done with few distractions. Go to your comfortable places for your breaks.


    3) Take a break when you need one!

    We’re not at school, so if you need to go to the bathroom, go! If you need to go outside, go! Include breaks in your schedule! Studying and doing school work can be exhausting! Take time to get your mind off of school for a few minutes throughout the day!


    4) Get motivated and stay motivated!
    Listen to your favorite songs, eat a good snack! Remind yourself that you’ve got this! Reward yourself for accomplishing the goals that you set for yourself!


    5) Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
    This is new and I do not expect you to know what you’re doing on the first day! Read the instructions and reread them! If you still have questions, do not be afraid to ask a classmate or your teacher! We’re all in this together!