• Pico is a platform game. You will have to get Pico to jump up the platforms, get the key, and then the coin. If you fall into the fire, the game is over. 


    Pico Part 1 (20 minutes)

    • download the started project
    • code Pico to jump up and move right and left
    • code Pico to always be falling if he is not on a platform


    Pico Part 1


    Pico Part 2 (25 minutes)

    • add animation to Pico
    • learn how to code the broadcast messages between sprites
    • code key
    • code coin


    Pico Part 2 


    Pico Part 3

    • broadcast win message
    • broadcast lose message
    • add fire
    • add and code moving platform


    Pico Part 3