Day 1 - xxx X.X.20    WELCOME to Career Management
    ES#1: Understand personal social development
    Student Learning/Language Objective: Gain understanding and be able to explain classroom policies, rules, and procedures as well as the purpose of this course.
    Classwork: log in to computers, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Classmate Interview, Vocab.com
    Tomorrow, please return the signed portion of the syllabus/computer contract (with your completed class schedule) of your class policy/procedures handout.
    The Career Management course contains 3 units and is designed to build and maintain interpersonal skills, develop career goals to create a positive career outlook. Emphasis is placed on developing a good self-concept,  resume development, exploring multiple career outlooks and learning to balance life and work scenarios. Personal social development, educational achievement, and lifelong learning skills are reinforced through the completion of course activities.