COVID-19 and Recruiting Tips

  • Geogre Robinson

    Director of Athletics

    July 14, 2020 



    As we enter a world of uncertainty around scholastic athletics it's understood student/athletes are still in pursuit of an ever elusive athletic scholarship. Please understand athletic scholarships are reserved for those elite athletes on the field of competition and the classroom. Due to COVID-19 and the possibility of interrupted sports seasons the chances of being evaluated by college coaches may be limited. In the interim, as student/athletes and parents there are things you can do to separate from others seeking the same scholarship.


    • Social Media can be your friend if used correctly. Feel free to post video of you doing extraordinary feats that are sports related. For example, an Offensive Lineman agile enough to dunk a basketball backwards will surely capture the attention of a college coach. The gifts you've been blessed with can be showcased in other ways besides the sport you're wishing to compete in collegiately. The wow factor will certainly have college coaches intrigued.
      • When using social media, please make sure all material posted is appropriate in nature. Negative and explicit posts while laughable to some will certainly sour a college coach quickly when determining whom to offer a scholarship to. Parents will need to monitor posts as well for inappropriate material. 
      • Follow programs and coaches  from the specific schools you're interested in. If you receive an offer from a specific school post to social media. It will create a buzz and possibly entice other programs to follow suit. 
      • All of your social media accounts should be public. By having privacy on, it makes it look as if you're hiding something. 
      • Direct Message coaches but keep the message short and sweet. While we cannot promise they'll message you back, a few interesting facts and stats about you both academically and athletically will not hurt. 
      • Create a following using teammates and friends. Have them follow you and follow them back. The more followers the better to create a buzz. 
    • Ask your High School Coach for an honest assessment regarding your ability to play at a certain level. All of our coaches are knowledgeable and will guide you to best situation regarding your athletic ability and academic prowess. It's an honor to play at any level beyond high school. Don't have an attitude that you're better than the school that's recruiting. College coaches don't get it wrong frequently, you're recruited at the level in which your ability dictates. 
    • Maintain good academic habits. It's easy to get into bad habits as our instructional delivery model has changed due to COVID-19. On a typical college campus most classes do not meet everyday. As a student/athlete you will need to be self-motivated to complete tasks without someone monitoring your every move. Excelling in academics during this time shows commitment and a strong work ethic which would certainly excite college coaches. 


    While we hope to return to a normal academic and athletic schedule, there are things you can do to help your chances of earning an athletic scholarship. Continue to stay in touch with your high school coaches, ask for drills to improve. Contact your teachers and counselors and ask for ways to continue sharpen your academic skills. Stay safe!!!