• 1. Please accept the invite to Google Classroom & Class Dojo as soon as possible as that is where all communication will occur.  When we are back in the school building, it will be important for you to check your child's home folder and Class Dojo daily.


    2. You will find the link to our Zoom class in the "Links" section of Google Classroom.  That is the link your child will need for all of our Zoom sessions whether it is whole group, small group, or individual.


    3. Please set up a work space for your child at home that minimizes distractions and gives them access to all the supplies and materials they will need for the day.  They should be fully dressed, sitting up at a table/desk, and ready to participate as they would in the classroom.


    4. If your child is going to be absent from our live Zoom sessions, you will be able to access the recordings on Google Classroom.  They can still turn in their independent work by the due date.


    5. Please help your child learn how to navigate Google Classroom and Zoom.  We will work on them being able to independently mute/unmute themselves, turn on/off their video and click on links.