Mrs. Slaughter

Mrs. Stephanie Slaughter


    I am so excited to begin my 18th year of teaching right here at Alexander Wilson! My family has a long history here at Alexander Wilson, my children attended, my husband went to AW, his mother and even his grandmother attended Alexander Wilson! Once an Eagle...Always an Eagle! When I am not at school I enjoy spending time with my husband whom I've been blessed to be married to for 25 years. Together we have two handsome boys (ages 23 and 17). We enjoy spending time outside and playing with our lab-mix named Coco. Our cat Sandy also joins in the fun. 


    Favorite Color - Teal 

    Favorite Animal - Chimpanzees

    Favorite Fast Food - Moe's

    Favorite Drink - Water, Diet Coke 

    Favorite Treat - Slim Jims

    Favorite School Supply - Sharpies, sticky notes and flair pens

    Favorite Hobby - Reading