• what is an ees


    Just as the name implies, an essential employability skill is any skill that prepares you for being an employee.


    These six skills were introduced at the 2019 NC CTE Summer Conference.

    They are Communication, Ethics, Problem Solving, Professionalism, Resource Management and Teamwork





  • the ees

  • Professionalism 

    • Self-motivation
    • Positive attitude and enthusiasm
    • Receiving constructive feedback
    • Responsibility for behavior and work
    • Effectively manage work/life balance
    • Punctual, reliable and demonstrate follow through on commitments
    • Self-advocacy and high-quality work standards

    Professionalism Video (Links to an external site.)


    • Honesty, integrity, fairness and respect in communications and personal behavior and decision making
    • "Do the right thing"


    • Seek ways to increase team member contributions
    • Respect differing opinions and demonstrate flexibility
    • Work collaboratively and cooperatively with others
    • Respect and support team members
    • Value and appreciate diversity
    • Visibly contribute ideas

    Teamwork Video (Links to an external site.)


    • Accurate exchange of information and ideas
    • Giving constructive feedback
    • Identify audience needs and prepare for desired outcome
    • Practice active listening
    • Write and speak effectively and clearly

    Communication Video (Links to an external site.)

    Resource Management

    • Manage time and resources
    • Break down projects into tasks with timelines
    • Understand reliable and valid information
    • Plan and facilitate effective meetings and work plans
    • Visibly anticipate and plan for possible obstacles and setbacks

    Problem Solving

    • Consider options to solve the challenge
    • Ability to identify potential challenges and causes/effects
    • Ability to acquire, organize, manage and interpret information and effects of various options
    • Thoughtfully investigate causes of challenges

    Problem Solving Video (Links to an external site.)