• 9:30am to 10am : Students begin to arrive at school for temperature checks, wristbands, and verification of attending on the correct day. After the student has gone through all three stations, he or she may continue to his or her first block class. Breakfast will be delivered to this class. No student is allowed in the building prior to 9:30am.

    10am to 10:20am "Homeroom" (Notice how homeroom is in quotation marks. It's really not your homeroom. You are actually going to go to your first block class at this time. It is not necessary for virtual students to report to this time unless specifically requested by the teacher.

    10:20am to 10:55 am : This is your 1st Elective Class

    10:55am to 11:30am : This is your 2nd Elective Class

    11:30am to 12:35pm: Block 1 Class

    12:35pm to 2:05pm: Block 2 Class (Lunch Break is from 12:35pm to 1pm)

    2:05pm to 3:10pm : Block 3 Class

    3:10 to 4:15pm : Block 4 Class