Employee Assistance Program
  • The Employee Assistance Counseling Program, or EACP, is a service of Cone Health provided by Alamance-Burlington School System for our employees. Services offered by EACP include, but are not limited to: assessment of problems; counseling for individuals, couples, or families; counseling for adults, adolescents, or children; or referral to other specialized services.

    All EACP services are confidential and professional. Voluntary use of EACP services will not be noted in any employee record or known by your managers. Why Use EACP? EACP helps to minimize or prevent problems from negatively altering relationships, work abilities, and life satisfaction.


    EACP can help with the following issues:


    Marital Conflict


    • Grief and Loss


    • Parenting Problems

    • Workplace Challenges

    • And much more…


    What are some of EACP’s benefits?

    • No arbitrary limit to the number of sessions

    • No cost to you

    • On-Call Services 24/7/365

    • Experienced and Licensed clinical staff


    For Information, Appointments, or Crisis Assistance contact the Employee Assistance Counseling Program:

    Phone: 336-538-7481 or 877-800-9401 Email: eacp@conehealth.com

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