Welcome to AP Chemistry!

  • Jordan, Ashlyn - Science / AP Chemistry


    Course Description:


    Honors Chemistry II coupled with Advanced Placement Chemistry is a college level course designed for the high school student and can only be taken after successful completion of the first chemistry course based on North Carolina’s Essential Standards. AP Chemistry will provide students the opportunity to study college level chemistry, participate in and design intensive laboratory experiments, investigate applications of chemistry outside the classroom, and prepare for the College Board AP Chemistry examination. Upon successful completion of the cumulative AP Exam in May, students may qualify for college credit or advanced placement in college chemistry courses. Students will be expected to take the AP Exam.


    Lab Disclaimer:


    AP Chemistry is a lab-intensive course. Students will be required to keep a separate lab notebook, do pre-lab assignments, generate detailed lab reports, and design and complete several inquiry-based labs. Labs will constitute a significant portion of this course, both in regard to time and grade percentage. The labs are college-level labs.


    Recommended Prerequisites:


    Students should have successfully completed chemistry I before taking this course.


    Supplies List:

    • Notebook or loose leaf paper 

    • Binder

    • Black or blue pens

    • Pencil

    • Calculator

    • Lab Notebook ($5)


    This semester I will be utilizing Canvas for all course materials and calendar. You will need to periodically check Canvas for assignments, discussions, etc. that will be required for this course. See me if you do not know how to sign into Canvas. Parents, if you would like to be an observer for your student's Canvas course then click here for instructions.