Welcome to the Amazing World of English IV Honors!

  • In order to provide a challenging and engaging course for my Honors English IV students, I strive to provide them with activities that force them to analyze, think critically, and write creatively. Honors students are required to spend more time outside of class reading and comprehending texts so that class time can be spent on the upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation). There is a lot less teacher input and guided practice because Honors students are expected to already have knowledge about much of the standards (such as already knowing how to explain how an author develops a theme and identifying the difference between connotative and denotative meanings of words). 



    Our reading focuses on British literature.  Our study could include (but is not limited to):  Beowulf,  The Canterbury Tales, Hamlet, and Lord of the Flies.  We will also include a short story unit and a poetry unit based on works included in the textbook.  There will be assigned reading at home, and if you do not complete it, this poor choice will be reflected in a low grade.  



    Two other focuses of the class are grammar for the real world and contextual vocabulary (which means we’ll be studying words that are actually in the works of literature you’re reading). We will be working towards eliminating common grammar errors in your writing (such as the proper uses of there, they’re, and their). Studying vocabulary will improve your ability to communicate at a higher level. These two items should improve your chances at getting hired (communication being key to the interview process) by making you stand out of the crowd. 



    Because writing is a crucial skill, we will be working on a multi-part project that requires you to choose a poem and analyze it in several different ways. While you are able to choose your own poem, no one will be able to have the same one. We will also do a creative writing assignment related to our Canterbury Tales study and a trial presentation for Lord of the Flies.

    As always, read through the rest of this informational packet for homework. If you (or your parents) need to contact me at any time, the school phone number is (336) 570-6100 and my e-mail address is tonya_cope@abss.k12.nc.us.  Please feel free to ask questions about any of this or any of the material as we go through the rest of this course.  I look forward to working with you and know that we will have a fantastic semester.