Welcome to the Amazing World of English IV!

  • Our focus is on British literature.  Our study could include Beowulf, Hamlet, and/or Lord of the Flies.  We will also include a short story unit, a poetry unit, and a nonfiction unit.  There will be assigned reading at home, and if you do not complete it thinking that it is unnecessary, this poor choice will be reflected in a low grade.  


    Another focus of the course will be contextual vocabulary (which means we’ll be studying words that are actually in the works of literature you’re reading).  Studying vocabulary will improve your ability to communicate at a higher level. We will also focus on determining word meaning based on the surrounding text and the tone of the material.


    The final exam for this course is a teacher-made exam that will be standards-based. This means you will use the skills we have used throughout the semester to answer questions on new text selections. For example, there will be questions that ask "based on paragraph 4, what do you think the meaning of <insert word from paragraph 4 here> is?" and "which of the following is the best description of <insert character's name here>?" There will NOT be questions from the text we have already read in class.


    Please feel free to ask questions about any of this or any of the material as we go through the rest of this course.  I look forward to working with you and know that we will have a fantastic semester.