• Introduction   

    • Physical Education is a subject that is very important to our student’s daily lives. This subject is designed strategically to teach our students the meaning and concepts of what it means to be physically active. In addition to Physical Education, Health is a topic that teaches our students how to make wise decisions when it comes to their nutrition, mental well-being, and many other topics. First, as stated in the Physical Education Course Syllabus, the Course Overview of our Physical Education Department consists of the following sports/activities skills, however, not limited to:


    • Proper footwear, i.e. sneakers are required for all classes. Students will be required to participate during class time by walking or engaging in the class’s activity.
    • As an option, proper dress out clothing, which includes:


    • Short or long sleeve t-shirts (depending on weather)
    • Shorts that are of knee length, or longer
    • Sweatpants
    • Sneakers
    • Students are to keep their belongings in the gym within their designated class area
    • Students are required to participate daily in their Physical Education class activities in order to receive a passing grade.
    • In cases of a student who may need to be medically excused from class activity, a doctor’s note is required from the doctor’s office.
    • Student athletes are required to participate in PE. If they have failed to participate, the coach will be notified.
    • All electronic devices, such as cellphones, chrome books, I-pods, and headphones, are not allowed during students’ Physical Education class time.
    • Gum chewing, drinks, or food is not allowed in the gym. Water is the only exception.
    • All jewelry must be removed for class to prevent injury.



    Missed classes can affect students’ grades; however, missed classes can be made-up. To receive credit, without an excuse present, students must complete make-up for homework or classwork. Make-up work can consist of writing a paper describing their favorite sport or bookwork from the Health Book. It will be at the discretion of their Physical Education Instructor. The student has one day to complete their make-up work and must have it turned in to their instructor at the beginning of their class time.


    Physical Education is a subject that should be fun and energizing for our students. However, if the rules and regulations are not followed, consequences do take place. The following consequences are:

    • If a student fails to be cooperative in class, or engages in bad behavior, a warning will be given the first time and second time, but the third time a write/up and potential call home will be made. 
    • If a student fails to turn in any make-up work that was assigned for any reason, they will get a 0 and have until the grading window is closed to get the assignment in for partial credit. 
    • If any electronic device has to be confiscated during class time, it will be given to an administrator (or front office) and consequences will follow.
    • If any student is caught with gum, food, or drinks in the gym, items will be confiscated or asked to be thrown out. If the student refuses, a write-up/phone call will take place.
    • If any student is caught horse playing excessively, a write-up/phone call home will take place.