• Our Mission Statement

    Our mission is to teach ALL children to OUR fullest potential
    so that the students in turn achieve to their fullest potential.


    The Alamance-Burlington School System “strives to provide instructional materials that will enrich and support the curriculum and enhance student learning.  Instructional materials should be representative of the rich diversity of our nation and appropriate for the maturity levels and abilities of the students.”

    In the South Mebane Media Center, we believe that students can best achieve their full potential when they have access to reading materials in a wide variety of genres, formats, and styles. We believe that educators empower students to lead their own learning. Our mission therefore is to provide materials that support the instructional and recreational reading needs of all children. Our selection objectives and criteria follow ABSS Board policy, and we align our purchases to the goals of our School Improvement Plan as well as the ABSS Strategic Plan.