• PTO Agenda 1.19.22

    Attendance in chat (scholar name, grade level, guardian name)

    Good News:

    • Boys Basketball is competitive  (DARE-County Tournament is Feb. 14-17)


    • President: Still available
    • Vice President: Still available
    • Secretary: Shauna Reed
    • Treasurer: Courtney Martinez 
    • Parent Leadership Representative: Ms. McKenna Bosse

    Fundraising Opportunities 

    • Looking “basketball shooting” raffle
    • Setting dues 

    Volunteers Needed: Please email Mr. Scales (jason_scales@abss.k12.nc.us)

    •  Parents to help during basketball home games (behind scenes, ie. concessions, officials help, chaperone)  
    • Looking for donations for staff appreciation

    Notes from Meeting:

    • Attendees voted the dues to be $5. Of course, a parent can donate more if needed.
    • Funds will be used to support scholar activities and incentives. - Idea of nice jackets or apparel for athletes
    •  PTO Officers requested the agenda for the meeting ahead of time so they can prepare themselves for the meeting. - We will make this happen. Look for an email from Mrs. Haynes and Mr. Scales. 
    • Student concerned about being able to get to the car rider line due to hallway traffic.
    • The next meeting will be Wednesday, February 16th on zoom. Hoping March meeting can be in person, on campus.