• phoenix
    Welcome to Elon Elementary School, home of the Lil' Phoenix!
       Students at Elon Elementary will be well prepared for the next steps in their education career as 21st century learners, responsible citizens and productive members of a global society.
    We will reach our vision by providing a safe, 21st century learning environment that reflects and supports our global society through:
    • Rigorous instruction that integrates and capitalizes on technology
    • Engagement that utilizes differentiated approaches
    • Achievement in core content areas and in the arts
    • Community involvement capitalizing on local culture
    • Highly Qualified instructional staff who embraces the vision.


    ABSS Standards Based Grading


    We believe in the uniqueness of all learners. Therefore, standards-based grading in ABSS focuses on the individual learner with the goal of mastering content standards over a period of time. This practice supports evidence-based differentiated instruction, aligned to the standards, while promoting student ownership of mastery learning.