• Daily Schedule for Mrs. Yarboro’s 4th Grade Team 

    We will follow this schedule while on Plan C (Remote Learning)


    8:00-9:00  Mrs. Yarboro's Office Hours

    9:00-9:30  Morning Meeting

    9:30-10:15  Whole Group Literacy with Mrs. Yarboro

    10:15-10:55  Specials

    Day 1-Media     Day 2-PE    Day 3-Art 

    Day 4-Music    Day 5-Second Step

     11:00-12:10  Small Group Literacy with Mrs. Yarboro

    12:10-1:10  Lunch/Recess

    1:10-2:00  Whole Group Math with Mrs. Mahan

    2:00-3:00  Small Group Math with Mrs. Mahan 

    3:00-4:00  Mrs. Yarboro's Office Hours