• In Apple Suite we move bugs in our classroom.   Here is a breakdown of the colors your child may receive at the end of the day.

    PinkComing home on the Pink means they have had an Outstanding day. Celebrate, They have gone above and beyond their normal behavior!

    Purple… Coming home on Purple means your child has had a Great day! Hooray, They have continued to show great behavior!

    Blue Coming home on Blue means your child has had a Good day. They have worked hard all day and followed the school rules

    Green…Your child came to school ready to learn.   This is where everyone starts their day.

    Yellow…Coming home on Yellow means your child had an OK day. They received a verbal warning before moving their name.   They will lose a privilege.

    OrangeComing home on Orange means your child has been warned and continues to have difficulties. They will lose a privilege.

    Red…Coming home on Red means they have had a tough day and have not followed school rules.  You will be contacted if your child is on red, and they may be sent to the office.

    Earning five green, blue, purple, or rainbow smiley faces in a week earns a trip to the small prize box.   If your child stays on green for an entire month, they earn a trip to the large prize box.   What color your child comes home with is very important to them.   Please celebrate their successes and discuss any difficult days that they have in the classroom.  Thank you for all you do to help ensure your child is ready to learn and grow in the classroom!

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    Getting in touch with us:
    If you need to contact us there are several ways that you can do this.  You may call the school at 570-6125.  Please be aware that if you call during the day I am teaching, so I may not get to you until the end of the day.  You may also send in a letter, and we will respond to the letter.  I  have email that I check daily.  My email address isMelissa_Jefferson@abss.k12.nc.us please feel free to email me.   The last way you may get in touch with us is to stop by the classroom.  The students love when their families stop by for a visit. 
    Getting in Touch with us.
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    ***Newlin is collecting labels.   Each one that we bring in helps bring money

    into our school.  Let's see how many we can collect this year!***

    Boxtops for Education                 Campbell's Soup Labels
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