Mrs. Hornaday’s 3rd Grade Heroes

    School Supplies List 

    A TWO INCH 3- ringed binder
    3 Marble notebooks (no spiral notebooks please- they come apart!)
    1 zippered pencil pouch
    2 packs of #2 pencils
    Colored pencils, crayons, OR skinny markers
    Glue sticks
    Dry erase markers

    Hand sanitizer
    Clorox wipes/ baby wipes
    Gallon Ziploc baggies
    Ear buds **kept in binder (dollar store, 5 Below)
    24 pack of water bottles (1 pack per week) Students will keep a water bottle at their desk during the school day when a pack has been supplied for the whole class. We will refill them once a day and discard on Friday. If no pack has been brought in for that week, we just won’t have them

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