• Supply Required List   (name brand is NOT essential)

     One 2 inch binder 2-Inch Binder

     One 3-Ring Pounch with Mesh Window (no pencil boxes) pencil pouch  



    Six Composition Bookscomposition book  




    Two Packs of Insertable Plastic Dividers (with Double Pockets)pocket dividers  dividers



    Four Glue Sticks (will need more throughout the year)glue sticks glue sticks  





    Four 2 Pocket Heavy Duty Poly Folderspoly folders  




    One Highlighterhighlighters  



    One Pack of Wide Ruled Filler Paperfiller paper   




    Two Packs of Pre-Sharpened Pencilspresharpened pencils   




    One Box of Kleenexkleenex



    Two Packs of Index Cardsindex cards  index cards





    Clorox Wipesclorox wipes


    Pack of Expo Markersexpo markers


    **Optional Wish List*

    One Pack of Cardstock (assorted colors) cardstock


    One Pack of Crayola Crayons (24 count)crayons



    Hand Sanitizer hand sanitizer  *extremely helpful in reducing illnesses*



    Ziploc Bags (Gallon, Quart & Sandwich)ziploc bags   *snack bags are also welcome*  

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