• kids Welcome to your math class! My wish is for you to have an outstanding semester and learn a lot of mathematics.
    I will always try to maintain a classroom environment which is pleasant and conducive to learning for all students. If each student assumes responsibility for his/her own actions and works in a spirit of positive cooperation, then this school year can be one where you achieve great things!
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  • These items are required for this class:

    ·         Loose-leaf, ring binder 1.5 inch notebook (3 inch for AP Calculus students)

    ·         Notebook paper

    ·         Graph paper

    ·         Pencils

    ·         Blue or Black Ink Pen

    ·         Scientific or Graphing Calculator

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  • Students who need extra help or who need to make up work are encouraged to attend the Learning Center scheduled on Tuesday afternoons, weekly, from 3:30 PM until 4:30 PM. Additional Learning Center days are added, as needed, on a weekly basis to assist students.

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