• Absher-She had her students using a comparison chart to analyze the governments in two different countries.  The students were then asked to fill in a Venn Diagram. Way to have your students use higher level skills, analysis of  what they know and apply it to something new.  Keep up the great work!
    Robbin and Hanks-These two teachers were caught in the act of having their students use two column notes while reading text.  They were also requiring their students to summarize what they were learning.  Great job to the both of you!!!
    Dale Cain-I would just like to say that Dale has fixed every computer/technology issue I have had since I have been here!  Although he is a master at this, the reason he is getting this announcement is for PRIDE Reading.  Dale has truly taken this on wholeheartedly!  He asks questions when he wants to better his students, he creates SB files and activities for his group, and he executes the PRIDE breakdown to a T.   Amazing job Mr. Cain!!!
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  • Kim Cain-Kim had her students broken up into two groups.  She was giving direct instruction to one group while Van Fleet was giving direct instruction to another.  Kim was also monitoring her students work on their white boards and giving direct feedback when needed.  Great job Mrs. Cain!!!!

    Lynn Phelan-Her kids were learning about waves through the use of a Slinky.  This hands on activity will insure that her students remember the types of waves they are learning about.

    Watson-I caught her in the act of using resources that were given to her at the last PRIDE PD.  Thanks so much for acting quickly and utilizing resources that were provided!

    Lohr, Osborne, and DeSimone-These ladies have stepped up to support the 8th grade science students in the absence of a teacher.  Lohr and Osborne have helped grade papers and science fair projects.  DeSimone has instructed the students, communicated with parents, made lessons for the sub, and is now supporting Joe Hill in getting acquainted with HMS and his new 8th grade classroom.  Thanks so much ladies for giving up your valuable time!  This is a great example of true teamwork!

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  • Absher-First she had her student predict the ranking of occupations in Egpyt on their white boards (see predictions picture).  She had articles (see occupations picture) for the students to read so they could confirm or refute their predictions.  Then she pulled them back together and had them place the occupations on the SB and check their personal white boards (see rankings picture). What a great way to expose students to jobs of that time and engage them in reading passages.  Great work!!!

     Pagan-She had her students comparing conduction, convection, and radiation.  Not only was this Triple Venn Diagram large enough for the students to write on (they are hard to come by), it forced them to use higher level thinking skills.  What a great visual for students that allows them to see the similarities and differences!

     Philipson-He had his students create a newspaper article related to what they were learning.  The students were given the rubric so they knew exactly what the expectations were.  The students were very excited about presenting what they had learned this way.  Love the connection between SS content and writing!

    Westbrook-WOW!!!!  She had 8th grade students completely engaged during this entire time (okay I admit I stayed for about 15 minutes because I was so amazed!)!  They were all on track, she was giving direct immediate feedback about their singing, the student adjusted based on the feedback, and then she celebrated their successes.  If you ever have time, go watch your kids during their electives time.  I am sure you will be blown away at what you see they can!!  

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  • Husky Happenings Week #7 and 8
    Phelan-She had an amateur astronomer come to Hawfields so her kids and Pagan’s kids could get a first-hand look what it is like to be an astronomer.  They got to look at the sun with a filter (very cool by the way), and what it looks like to look through different telescopes.  The students were all excited about it…of course many of them want to be astronomers now.  Way to get them excited about science! 

    Robbins-Is this a social studies or ELA classroom?  You wouldn’t know walking into her room.  Literacy skills are embedded in this room on a daily basis.  Her students always have text in front of them.  Most often they are completing a graphic organizer, creating one, or annotating their reading.  Way to incorporate SS and literacy at the same time!

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  • Husky Happenings Week #5 and #6
    Anders and Pagan- The excitement of teaching vocabulary in their rooms last week was phenomenal. Their kids were excited about learning and were begging for more.  Strategies from Literacy First were incorporated with best practices. Attached is a SB file that uses dice to play vocab games.  You can put the words on more than once so they don’t mentally check it off the list as they play. Great job taking what you learned in an observation and incorporating it into your teaching practices.

    VanFleet and Cheap-If you want to see what effective co-teaching looks like wander down to Cheap’s Core 1 class.  If you walk in their you won’t be able to distinguished between the math teacher and the EC teacher.  They are using 2 certified teachers to meet the needs of ALL their students.  They were both teaching!!!-talking back and forth with each other and the kids to model instruction, circulating to monitor instruction and both bringing the kids back when the entire class needed support and both circulating and providing targeted feedback to all the kids. Way to utilize each other to best meet the needs of the class!!!!

    Burton-Her kids were working with flashcards to practice their vocabulary.  She had created a document that had the definitions already written on the cards and the kids were then charged with writing the words that matched.  She did this because the week before she felt they lost instructional time copying the definitions.  Way to reflect on your instruction, modify as needed, and use each instructional minute wisely!

    Wall-She had math going on in her room for sure.  Her students were getting to the "you" part of the lesson during stations. They selected their biggest weakness to work on, there was an independent checking station for them to check for accuracy,  and was continuously monitoring for understanding as she circulated the room.  Way to hold your kids responsible for their learning and support them along the way as needed.


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  • Husky Happenings Week #4

    VanFleet and Woods-They jumped right in to assess some additional kids who might need SRA during PRIDE time.  They did it the very next morning and immediately added these kids to the correct groups.  They have taken in several non EC kids when SRA was their highest need and correct placement for intervention.  Thanks ladies for being team players and doing what is best for kids!!!!!


    Philipson-Hawfields is so lucky to have Brent leading RtI!  He spends countless hours progress monitoring kids, making graphs, compiling data for potential RtI kids, and so much more.  RtI would not run this smoothing without him.  He takes all of this on while still teaching his kids.  Way to be organized and efficient to make RtI as effective as possible!!!!


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  • Husky Happenings Week #3

    Shelton-I got the privilege to watch Mrs. Shelton use a familiar text with her students to introduce a new concept.  Not only was she introducing characters changing in text (TIP), her students were actively engaged in completing this great graphic organizer (SAP).  Her TIP and SAP were flip flopping back and forth as her students worked through the process.  Great job Shelton for making your kids do the work. (see attachment)

     C. Gross-Wow is all I can say!!!  Her class is the happiest place in the world to be.  She was engaging her students in two vocabulary activities from training (flashcards and Password).  Her students were working together, all on task, and reviewing words they had previously been taught.  Mrs. Gross was walking around, monitoring for accuracy, and then bringing them back together to clarify misconceptions.  One of her kids actually said, “Oh man, can you make up another one so we can do more!!!”  Way to get them excited about expanding their vocabulary and monitoring for words they were still struggling over!!!!

    Marinis-PRIDE math is rocking in Marinis’ world.  His kids were utilizing math white boards to write an irrational or rational number.  The wow factor was, he was requiring them to explain why it was incorrect if their partner wrote the wrong type of number. I actually heard his say, “how will she ever get smarter if you don't explain to her why it isn't right?".  As they did this he was circulating the room and using this as a mini ISS.  Way to make your kids accountable for their learning and their partner’s learning!!!!

    6th and 8th Grade ELA Teachers- (Shelton, Anders, Russell and Walls)-Both of these teams did an amazing job at finding text that they could use in their advanced classes.  They were looking at text that was more challenging for their advanced kids and figuring out how they could teach them the same standard with higher level text.  Great job supporting your higher level kids and thinking about what you can do to continue to grow them.

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  • Husky Happenings Week #2
    Absher-Her students were watching a video directly related to her Learning Target.  She also set a purpose for listening by having them filling out a study guide as they listened.  Great use of technology integration to support your standards.

    Lohr-Her students had a foam and clay model on their desk.  They were using these to understand the concept of pressure.  Way to use a concrete model to represent an abstract concept.

    DeSimone-Her students had created an amazing work sample of the scientific method.  They divided their paper into boxes and wrote a “story” taking themselves through the process.  (I have a picture but I cannot get it to send.  I will get with Dale and send it as soon as I can).  This work sample is a great way to integrate writing and a great CFA all at the same time.

    7th Grade PRIDE Reading Teachers-They are obviously supporting each other in the planning process.  Their students were working on the same comprehension strategies using different text. Way to work together to get all kids what they need.

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  • Husky Happenings Week #1
    Susan Vanderburg-She has her 6th grade math student already engaging in a daily math activity.  Not only does it encompass multiple components of math, the students are also tracking their own data.  The kids have already started conversation about what they need to work on and what they are experiencing success with!  Great job having the kids take ownership of their learning!!!!

    Drew Cheap-When I walked into Drew’s classroom twice this week I couldn’t find him.  He was so engaged with his kids as they worked in groups that I thought he was one of them.  His kids were working in groups to complete a math scavenger hunt using order of operations.  They were all up talking about math, engaged in the activity, proving their answers, and trying to figure out the secret message.  Way to get your kids up and moving, talking about math, and already loving being in your room!!!!!!

    Sara Walls- Sara had her class engaged in a questioning activity. They were working in groups to write their own questions according to Blooms.  She was circulating the room and monitoring for misconceptions and accuracy. Her kids were having amazing conversations and really negotiating the type of question they were asking.  Way to make them think Sara!!!!!!

    Matt Haley-The last recognition goes out to Mr. Haley.  He has diligently and strategically worked on placing ALL Hawfields kids in PRIDE and M&M groups.  They have all been placed according to their needs and he even found rooms for teachers to take them.  Way to get PRIDE off to a great start!!!!

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