• All 6th graders will be asked to keep all cell phones turned off and in their book bags which are left in their assigned cubby during the school day.  Students are not to have cell phones out if they arrive before 7:50am and wait in the cafeteria before school nor have their phones out in the gym where they wait to be dismissed by name at the end of the school day.  
    If a student does not keep their phone off and in the book bag they will earn the 2C infraction and the phone will be taken and a parent will have to pick it up in the front office.

    Sometimes a teacher may use phones for an activity in class.  If that is the case the teacher will tell students ahead of time and they can keep phones in class that day.  The teachers on the team not using the phone will have  a collection bin that day to have all phones off in the bin instead with the students.

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  • Below is a copy of the ROCKET team discipline and incentive policy.  All of this in part of our SCHOOLWIDE discipline and incentive plan.

     team discipline and incentive letter


    Below is a copy of the ROCKET team ROAR menu that students can "purchase" by spending their ROAR STAMPS they earn.  We do rely on parent donations for most of the items listed for "purchase".  thanks to the many parents that have already made donations for our classrooms...together is how we make it...

    ROAR menu

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  • For all Math units Ms. Johnson gives a pre-test in her math classes to see if students already know some of the content.  If they show mastery on a Pre-Test then they are given alternate assignments that go farther and deeper with the topics.  Students that do not show mastery on a Pre-Test work to learn the content and topics.  Students will record pretest scores on their student data tracker that lists all objectives we study in 6th grade math.
    6th grade math class is Ms. Johnson's  Block 2, 3, and 4 .....we work on 6th grade math only to ensure a solid math foundation and will even fill in gaps students may have from elementary school 
       math grading policy     (students will get a copy of this to keep and we will discuss it well in math class)
    Advanced Math is Ms. Johnson's  Block 1 math class....we work on 6th and 7th grade math to be prepared to take MATH ONE as an 8th grader.....MATH one is what used to be called Algebra I....students will earn High School Math Credit after successful completion of this advanced math class in 8th grade......6th and 7th grade advanced math is to prepare them for this success 
        advanced math grading policy   (students will get a copy of this to keep and we will discuss it well in math class)
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    Below is the accurate supply list for the Rockets Team.
    Please have all school supplies in class on Wednesday, August 28,  2019

    We will help them organize what is needed in each class.


    below are needed supplies for all FOUR core classes.....math, lang. arts, science and social studies
    Gurley, Johnson, Rumley, and Setliff  

    • #2 pencils

    • Blue or black ink pens
    • Highlighter
    • Glue sticks
    • Dry erase markers
    • Zippered pencil pouch--no boxes
    • One 1 inch binder (for agenda, pencil pouch and homework)
    • THREE  1 inch binders
    • FIVE one subject spiral notebooks (70 pages each) any color (so many are needed because each nine weeks students will have an interactive spiral notebook for Science.....one of these is used in math class for daily warm-ups for class)
    • TWO three subject spiral notebooks any color for ELA class interactive notebook
    • THREE sets of tab dividers
    • Colored pencils or crayons
    • Loose leaf paper
    • Pencil sharpener that holds the shavings

    • Scissors

    • ear buds for computer use at school

    • TI Multi view calculator (optional)

    Teacher email addresses:

    Science Teacher  denise_gurley@abss.k12.nc.us

    Math Teacher  sandraL_johnson@abss.k12.nc.us

    Lang. Arts Teacher  andrea_rumley@abss.k12.nc.us

    Social Studies Teacher  christy_setliff@abss.k12.nc.us

    EC Chair/CoTeacher  amanda_Parsley@abss.k12.nc.us



    BELOW are items to send for the teachers to use for rewards or for the classroom....send any of these items when you are able

    --box of Kleenex                --scotch tape rolls (or replacements rolls for desk dispensers)

    --wet wipes                        --masking tape rolls

    --band-aids                         --packs of pencils

    --packs of pens                 --bags of individually wrapped candy—NO GUM EVER!!

    --Gallon and quart sized baggies for Science and Social Studies Class

    --small prizes for ROAR STAMP weekly drawings….anything the kids would like for raffle prizes is great…they LOVE gift cards of any kind….

    --glue sticks

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