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    Julie Hancock


    Due to the dedication and diligence of our Smith Team, the 2018-2019 school year has been a great one! We will continue with our commitment to be one of the best schools in the state. The core business of our school and school system is teaching and learning. For Smith School, that means we will continue to commit to our School Improvement Plan goals and strategies. While focusing on academic content areas, we will also work to ensure that students are learning how to learn, learning how to analyze and prescribe solutions to a task or problem and developing confidence to take risks. As usual, we are excited about our technology integration— interactive white boards and websites, student laptops, electronic email for students, etc. to further student engagement and academic achievement.


    Together, we are working toward moving from being a good school, to a great school as we strive to create a positive and successful experience at Smith School. We encourage everyone to get involved in the fun! We need every member of our school community in order to accomplish this goal.

     Matt Tedder
    Assistant Principal
    Matt Tedder
    Hello Seabee Nation!
    I am excited to continue my time here at Smith Elementary as your assistant principal. I look forward to serving this school's staff, students, and community to assist them in becoming the best Seabees they can be. Like most contemporary educators, I believe that ALL students (and adults) can learn and grow as people. It is my philosophy that we must do everything in our power (and some things that aren't) to help our young people open as many pathways as possible so that they can choose the path the allows them to unlock their own potential. I would like parents and community stakeholders to know that we are on the same team and will make every effort to assure that we pull in the same direction so that our students can become responsible, productive, and proactive citizens.