• Citations
    It is important to give credit to the sources that you use, whether you are creating a PowerPoint, a Prezi, or writing a research paper.  There are several different citation formats, but for most high school work you will probably use the MLA Format (Modern Language Association).  Be sure to check with your teacher about citation expectations.  If you have citation questions, it is always better to ask than to accidentally plagiarize! There are two kinds of citations - in text and the full citation that you use for your Works Cited page or Bibliography. 
    For an example of MLA citations for a variety of formats click Works Cited
     Son of Citation Machine: 
     Easy Bib:
    MLA Citation Wizard:
     Bib Me:
    The Purdue Owl has lots of resources and examples of citations.  Check it out HERE.   

    Cite so you don't get caught plagiarizing! 
    Check out this EasyBib Grammar & Plagiarism Infographic to see if you are plagiarizing: