• Welcome to the School Nurse page.  My name is Sheena Jeffries.  I am the full time nurse at Western Middle.  I have been a nurse for many (20+ years).  I have been a school nurse for the past 10 years. Other areas of my nursing practice include OR - Operating Room, PACU - Recovery Room, Medical-Surgical Nursing and Home Health Care.  I have been at Western Middle  for 2 years now and I love working with the students, parents and staff/faculty of Western Middle School.  

    My main goal is to keep your child healthy and safe at school.  I case manage and help students with chronic medical conditions to manage their healthcare needs in the school setting.  If your child is not feeling well at school he or she can come to see me at school by letting the teacher know they need to see the nurse.  On this page I will keep you informed of activities that may impact the health of your child both at school and in the community.  I also  will provide helpful links for health issues such as diabetes, asthma, immunizations, nutrition and exercise, etc.  If you have a topic or health information that you would like for me to post, please let me know.  

     You can always contact me if you have questions by calling 336-438-4616 or e-mail me at
    sheena_jeffries@abss.k12.nc.us.  Thank you and have a great year at Western Middle. 

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