• Corrective Reading provides intensive direct instruction-based reading intervention for students in Grades 3–Adult who are reading below grade level. This Direct Instruction reading intervention program delivers tightly sequenced, carefully planned lessons that give struggling students the structure and practice necessary to become skilled, fluent readers and better learners.

    The Comprehension programs are designed to change the behavior

    of students who do not understand what they read. Thus, these

    programs are developed for those students who:

    Struggle to understand what they read

    Do not follow instructions precisely

    Have poor memory of information

    Display poor statement repetition skills

    Lack the analytical skills required to process arguments

    Exhibit deficiencies in vocabulary and common information

    Are not highly motivated

    The Comprehension programs build academic language competence

    in order to prepare students for success in constant courses. The

    programs address the vocabulary, reasoning skills, and forms of

    language students need to discern precise meaning and information

    from text, relate ideas and information,and interpret and infer

    information from oral and written language.

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