Beginning with all students who entered high school for the first time in 2006-2007, all ABSS high school students are expected to complete a Graduation Project. Students will complete a project that demonstrates the integration of knowledge, skills, and performance with the aim to increase student achievement and to prepare them for the 21st century.

    Graham High School students have been involved in this process since 2002, and are proud to have been recipients of a state NCDPI Award for its efforts in leadership of the Graduation Project. Since the class of 2010 will be the first to experience the new Exit Standards, this web page is designed so that students and parents can keep track of the timelines and documents for the graduation process.

    The four Components ( the four P's ) of the GP are a:
    * Research Paper
    * Product
    * Portfolio
    * Presentation

    Grades for these four components are averaged together to serve as the final exam grade for English IV (Senior English). The final exam (GP) is 25% of the overall grade for the course.