• Mobile Learning Handbook (for Chromebooks)
     This handbook has information about expectations, care, and responsibilities for usage of student Chromebooks. Information about costs to repair broken devices and optional insurance are included. This form must be signed by a parent before a student will be issued a device.
    WAHS Student Handbook 2021-2022
     ABSS Code of Conduct (English and Spanish)
     Check out Policy - Early Dismissals for Student Drivers (updated May 2022):
    In order for a student driver to be dismissed early, the student's parent/guardian needs to grant permission by emailing Ms.Tracy Woodward.
    Parents/Guardians need to email Tracy_Woodward@abss.k12.nc.us with the following information:
    1.  Parent/Guardian's name
    2.  Parent/Guardian's contact information (phone #)
    3.  Student's name
    4.  Day/Date for the dismissal
    5.  Time for the dismissal
    **** Please submit requests by 9:00am and definitely no later than 30 minutes prior to departure time.  ****
    We do not do phone call check outs/dismissals.
    Any student leaving campus with an early dismissal who is NOT a driver (driving themselves) needs to have the person driving sign them out in the main office with a driver's license even if they are siblings.  Anyone checking a student out of school needs to be on the contact list which can be updated by the parent/guardian themselves through their parent PowerSchool account.