• The Learning Team

    The Learning Team of the Alamance-Burlington School System is committed to ensuring that every student is provided access to high quality, rigorous, and engaging instruction. This will be accomplished through a continued focus on the Personalized Learning Model:  M.I.N.E. in order to provide a Modern, Innovative and Nurturing Education for every student in ABSS.  


    The 2020-2021 school year will be an exciting year for The Learning Team as we continue to collaborate with all K-12 schools, implement our new Learning Platforms (Google Classroom K-5 and Canvas 6-12), our new Student Learning Progressions and continue to provide a web of professional and student learning support through the following areas:





    Regional Leads: Alicia Curtis, Lindsay Russell, Rhonda Wood 

    Regional Coaches: Bethany Hamilton, Charlotte Holmes, Christine Harris,                              Charmell Pettus, Shelly Pilversack, Sarah West, Brittany Jackson, and Brittney Moody

    • Provides Professional Learning and Peer Coaching to all ABSS Beginning Year                                 Teachers through a 3-year Support Plan
    • Supports schools with increasing student learning outcomes through                                            teacher clarity, positive teacher-student relationships, and other                                                     ABSS evidence-based practices aligned with the                                                                   Personalized M.I.N.E. Learning Model.
     Academic Core


    K-5 ELA/SS: Melanie Slack                           6-12 ELA/SS: Amy Morris 

    K-5 Math/Science: Krista Boyd                   6-12 Math/Science: Jodi Hofberg

    Cultural Arts/Health & PE/World Languages:  Charlotte Holmes
    • Curriculum Specialists support all schools with implementing the                                                   academic core to increase student learning outcomes.


    January Bowles

    • Supports Title I schools who have Title I Literacy Coaches with effectively                                    implementing balanced literacy in order to increase the percentage of                                             students reading on grade level and increase the number of students                                             proficient on the Reading EOG.

    MTSS Coordinator

     Olivia Jolliff

    • Provides support to schools in order to reach their optimizing indicators using the FAM-S.
    • Provides coaching to assist Interventionists and MTSS Coaches in leading tiered supports. 
     Advance Learners

    ADVANCED LEARNERS Program Specialist

    Angee Austin

    • Provides support to assist schools with the co-teaching model and                                              differentiated instruction in order to increase the number of AIG                                                    students meeting or exceeding growth.
    • Provides support to assist high school honors courses and AP courses                                            in order to grow all students and increase the number of students                                              achieving a level 3 or higher on AP exams.


    Morgan Robinson
    • Provides support to assist schools with personalized learning                                                          and digital teaching and learning competencies in the classroom                                                    in order to increase student learning outcomes.

    We are committed to support our schools in order to improve student learning outcomes across the district.     Please feel free to contact either myself or one of our team members if we can support you in any way!

    With admiration for all you do for students,
    Dr. Robin Finberg
    Chief Learning Officer 
    (336) 438-4000