• Welcome to Project Lead The Way(PLTW)

    PLTW programs are designed to serve middle school and high school students of diverse backgrounds from those already interested in STEM-related fields to those who are more inspired by the application of STEM than they are by traditional mathematics and science courses.

    PLTW classes are taught in school during the school day, and every instructor of PLTW courses receives extensive training as well as ongoing support in the courses they teach. While the STEM subject matter is rigorous, the approach is never rigid. That’s because the PLTW program provides a flexible curriculum platform schools can customize to meet the specific needs of their academic environments.

    Over the last several years, numerous academic institutions have released reports confirming PLTW’s success in engaging the hearts and minds of students through STEM education. The studies are all unique in how they were conducted. However, the results say the same thing: PLTW is igniting the imagination and innovation of students through learning. In addition, assessment and evaluation are critical components of PLTW’s program, which PLTW uses to improve its course offerings.

    PLTW’s comprehensive curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and real-world problem solving. Each course curricula represents a complete package, which allows the instructor to focus on teaching, student achievement, assessment and professional development.