• Welcome to First Grade! 


    Mrs. Murray, first grade
    Welcome to First Grade!!
     I’m so excited about this school year.  First grade is an important year in reading.  By the end of first grade your child will be able to read independently and even may be able to read chapter books.  Your child will learn to add and subtract numbers through 150.  He/She will also be able to write with lots of details and imagination.  We will participate in STEM lessons throughout the year and learn about rocks, planets, plants, and animals.  Your child will be able to tell about important people from the past, compare traditions from the past and present, and create a community.  Just wait….
     *dry erase markers
    *candy for the candy box
    *Glade automatic air fresheners
    *Colored cardstock paper
    Remember to read 15 minutes each night! 
    Ask your child who are the characters in the book. 
    What can you learn from them?
    What is the setting in the book?
    Retell the story from beginning to end.