•                              Welcome To Kindergarten!           Kinder Cool Cats!
    (Julia)  Beth Herron
    Room 301                                               "It's all good!"

    This is my 18th year teaching at A.O. Elementary. I have taught First Grade and Kindergarten.  This will be an exciting year full of learning and making friends. All students are expected to be prepared to learn and share learning with others. One day your child may be a world leader and need  to be able to share what he or she has learned in life.  Please feel free to email me with any questions and/or concerns.  We will be using our Google Classroom for posting announcements and assignments. 


     Specials:    Day 1: Art
                      Day 2:  Music                                   
                      Day 3:  Media   
                      Day 4:  P.E.
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